Where I’ve been…

Hey guys!!

So I know I’ve been away for an extremely long time. And the reason for that is…university…surprise surprise! It was the end of the year guys, and I had to hand in lots and lots of things! I finally am done though. Everything was so crazy, I can’t even begin to explain. I had lost my usb with all my stuff, but then thankfully found it again (that was just one of my little adventures).

Don’t get me wrong though, I am not making any excuses. That’s just how it is. I was very busy. But I’ve been out of uni for about 2 weeks now. Why haven’t I posted?!?!?! Because I honestly needed a break from thinking, writing, the internet (you know how that is!). I needed to relax and to just not do anything. Get into the habit of sleeping again.

Hope no one forgot about me!! I will be posting something shortly.

Talk to you soon,


Hey guys!

I am really looking forward to Brave! I think it looks really awesome, and although I must admit from what I have seen of the trailer the story looks a little generic, I still really really want to see it. It seems to be very pretty with lots of lovely rich colours. I find that colours often either make me really want to see a film or really not want to see a film. There are lots of nice earthy tones like greens and browns in this cartoon,  and also lovely reds. Obviously I mean the hair. Haha!

The story is that Princess Merida decides to break tradition and it causes havoc in the kingdom. After she is granted a wish, she has to now undo a curse. I honestly can’t wait to see more. Here’s the trailer! Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think.

Who else is looking forward to Brave? Let me know in the comments.

Talk to you later,


Game Glitches That Make You Think You’re Crazy!.

Since Daria and I have such a strong connection!! =P

Words From The Heretic



A spin-off from the Beavis and Butthead series, Daria was the smart neighborhood girl the characters would make fun of but could never outwit. In her own show the series followed Daria’s personal and social life at home and school.

The one thing about the show is that it was smart and witty, which was pretty much the polar opposite of Beavis and Butthead. Unlike the show Daria original appeared on, it didn’t take place in the same town. For the show the setting was written as the main character had either moved or something like that.

Daria, in a way, reminded me of a few of my female friends in high school who had the same sarcastic humor, with maybe a small amount of her cynicism. Daria’s friend Jane was almost a mirror image (look and demeanor) of one of my classmates from high school.

I used to…

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Hey guys!!

My question for you for today!

Who is your favourite Disney female and male villain and why?

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New Blog!

Hey guys!!

So I created a new blog that is more personal called Naked at daryakai.wordpress.com  go check it out if you are interested. I basically talk about everything. I only have three posts so far but I will be adding more soon. Hahaha.

I am by no means abandoning the cartoon corner, I will still post on here! The other blog is just for me to be able to talk about anything I want. I just feel like the cartoon corner is very specific, so it would be weird if I just posted a recipe or something of that sort.

Please go check it out, comment and subscribe!!


Favourite Cartoon As A Kid!

Hey guys!

I have a question for you! What was your favourite cartoon as a child? This doesn’t have to be your all time favourite (although you can tell me that too) just one of the cartoons you really really liked.  

Here’s my answer:

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